Surgery for Aggressive Prostate Cancer Beneficial

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The diagnosis of a serious disease, such as prostate cancer, can result in a disability lasting longer than a year. This can lead to a need for Social Security disability benefits, which can help offset some of the financial burdens.

Researchers from the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota have released a report that surgery for aggressive prostate cancer may be beneficial, even extending patients’ lives.

In patients considered high risk, 92% of them had a 10-year survival rate after undergoing surgery to remove their prostate, known as prostatectomy. It was also found to be 77% more effective than a combination of radiation and androgen therapy, and 52% more effective than radiation alone.

Previously it was not thought that patients with aggressive prostate cancer would benefit from surgery. However these new findings indicate otherwise.

While you are dealing with the treatment and care of your severe physical or mental condition, Social Security disability benefits can help to take care of some of the financial stress. Talk with a Social Security disability representative who can help you proceed with your Social Security disability claim.

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