T Cell Therapy Could Be a Possible Cure for Cancer

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Your body’s first line of defense against foreign substances is T cells, specialized white blood cells found within the bloodstream. These T cells should be active when cancer cells begin to manifest, but the cancer’s properties render them inactive. Restoring the activity of T cells has long been a clue to how to create a potential cure for cancer, and researchers may have unlocked the secret to doing so.

A multi-national team from several universities has developed a new therapy that uses specially engineered T cells to target and eliminate cancer cells.

The researchers selected certain T cells based on their ability to target foreign bodies, namely cancer cells. They also selected the cells based on longevity and malleability. The researchers engineered these optimal cells to be mass-produced and then delivered to patients. Many of the patients in the trials achieved complete remission with end-stage blood cancers.

The researchers are now hoping to refine the therapy to create a replicable system that doctors can individualize to treat specific diagnoses. The researchers have stated that finding which cells will best treat each individual has been difficult, but they remain hopeful.

Doctors may also be able to refine this therapy to help treat other types of chronic infections and diseases.

Cancer is the Second Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

Every year nearly half a million Americans lose their lives to cancer. Until a reliable cure is found and approved, patients must undergo painful and debilitating treatments which may render them disabled.

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