Tampa Area VA Hospitals Monitoring Noise Levels to Help Recovery

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

A new system called a “Yacker Tracker” is being used in the halls of the Bay Pines and James A. Haley VA hospitals in Tampa in hopes of reducing the amount of noise bothering patients and interrupting doctors. The devices are set up at nursing stations around the hospital and a red light activates when noise levels exceed a certain decibel level.

For many disabled veterans, sleep is hard to come by whether undergoing treatment or not. Many of the mental disorders related to combat experience, such as post-traumatic stress disorder can be aggravated by excessive noise, which makes sound control in VA hospitals all the more important.

Studies have shown that patient recovery is delayed when excessive noise is present during recovery. A specific study pointed out that painkiller administration was higher in hospitals with particularly noisy rooms.

The impact has already been shown among patients and staff alike. The nursing staff said the system took some getting used to, but they’ve noticed a change in their behavior and a decrease in patient complaints. Roommate noise is still an issue that has yet to be resolved, but the hospitals are taking other steps, such as repairing squeaking/noisy equipment, posting quiet zone signs, and monitoring volume levels of conversations.

Recovering from a combat-related injury or obtaining treatment for a service-connected disability can be frustrating and uncomfortable, especially if you’re stuck in a noisy VA hospital waiting area or treatment room.

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