The DHG Difference

Posted on September 3, 2015 by Disability Help Group

Most people understand that to win a disability claim, Social Security must find that the applicant cannot work.  However, proving that an individual cannot work is not as simple as submitting some medical records and saying “I cannot work.”  If it were that easy, no one would need representation and you would not hear the horror stories about fighting the Social Security Administration.  Social Security does not make process easy and many of the forms required to apply for your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim are difficult to complete.

Once your application is complete it is critical that you receive guidance on what medical evidence is necessary to prove that you are disabled.  For example, what do you do if your medical records do not explain why are you disabled, the reasons for treatment, what happened during treatment, or what the treatment plan will be moving forward.  Generally speaking, patients’ medical records rarely discuss what is critical for proving disability, especially why the person applying for disability does not have the capacity to work.  Doctor’s just are not trained to think that way or to write reports that way.

Disability Help Group makes sure that our clients’ medical records are complete and draft briefs that are submitted to Social Security Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) arguments based on the facts of your medical records.  To put that another way, we know how to take your medical records and use the contents of those medical records to prove you cannot work.  Additionally, we will provide you with special forms that we have created that specifically allow your doctors to write about your medical conditions in work-related terms.  These easy-to-complete forms make it easy for your doctor to help you win your case.

Most people also do not know that there are ways to win a disability case besides just proving you cannot work.  Social Security has very specific medical definitions called Listings of Impairments and if we can prove that you have exactly what is in those ‘Listings’ are, you can win your case regardless of your employability. Our advocates have argued thousands of cases and know what to look for in the Listings to prove your disability case.  

One other area that I will discuss is age, which is also an important factor in getting disability.  Most individuals above the age of 50 have an easier time getting disability because the rules change at that critical age.  It gets even easier for some when they hit their 55th birthday. Due to age, many people do not have to prove they cannot work any job, but rather, just have to show they cannot work some jobs.  Our advocates know how to put these special rules to work to our clients’ advantage.

At Disability Help Group we work you by providing guidance and expectations to help you through this challenging period of time in your life.  Disability is our passion; let us do the work – you have enough on your mind.