New Therapy Could Benefit Offspring of Parents with Huntington’s Disease

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America estimates that over 30,000 Americans have Huntington’s disease and their siblings and children have a 50 percent risk of developing the disease. In 2013, the Social Security Administration added adult symptomatic Huntington’s disease to the Compassionate Allowances program in 2012, accompanying juvenile Huntington’s disease.

Because Huntington’s disease is an inherited and always fatal disease, research has focused on attempting to determine the chance that parents could give birth to a child with the disease. Research from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) found that treating adult mice which have Huntington’s disease could change the genetic expression of the disease in their offspring.

Researchers treated male mice with the human disease gene using the HDACi 4b drug and then bred them to assess the transfer of the gene to offspring. While female offspring showed no difference whether or not their parents received the treatment, the male offspring showed a delay in developing Huntington’s disease and a reduction of the typical motor and cognitive symptoms.

Researchers are now further studying the use of drug therapies in parents who carry the Huntington’s gene or are diagnosed with the disease. They hope to determine how the drug’s effects could benefit the female offspring and how long down the bloodline the effects will carry.

Huntington’s disease is a progressive and always fatal disease, two of the criteria necessary for placement on the list of Compassionate Allowances. Over 200 diseases qualify for the Compassionate Allowances listing which allows disability benefit claimants to receive automatic approve for their benefits. They must present medical evidence in accordance with the disease listing.

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