Type 2 Diabetes Patients May Soon Be Able to Use Insulin Pumps

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Insulin pump technology has come a long way in the past decade and helped provide better quality of life to many type 1 diabetics. Up until recently, doctors only used this therapy for life-long diabetics. However, a new study by Medtronic plc is showing promise for using insulin pumps in type 2 diabetics.

The company, which manufactures insulin pumps, has released the results of a recent trial of its MiniMed insulin pumps. Researchers observed the effectiveness of using the MiniMed pump and multiple daily injections (MDI) for insulin delivery in 331 patients with type 2 diabetes.

Patients who began the first six months of the trial using MDI and then switched to the MiniMed for insulin delivery showed double the A1C reduction (a blood test which measures glucose control) and used 19 percent less insulin overall. The results, published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, found that the patients on the MiniMed pumps had an overall better glycemic control and continued A1C reduction.

Insulin pumps have been a life-saving advance in promoting glucose control, A1C reduction, and maintaining a healthy routine of regular insulin doses when needed. Bringing pump technology to type 2 diabetes patients looks to be a substantial advance in improving these patients’ overall health and quality of live.

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