More U.S. Female Soldiers Disability Claims Due to Recent Combat Exposure

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

A recent study, of about 7,000 female U.S. soldiers from the Iraq War, has revealed that women are being exposed to more combat situations than previous wars, and suffering more physical and mental trauma as a result. This has lead to an increase in potential cases of veterans’ disability among female soldiers.

The study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) reviewed the combat experiences of these female soldiers to determine their exposure to killing and death while deployed in the Middle East. Their research found that: 

  • 4% reported having killed another individual;
  • 9% reported witnessing another individual being killed;
  • 31% reported being exposed to death;
  • 7% reported suffering a combat-related injury; and
  • 12% reported being the victim of military sexual trauma.

The exposure to killing and death, as well as combat-related injuries, has increased since the last group of female soldiers – veterans of the 1990s Gulf War – was studied. In comparison, only 1% of female Gulf War veterans reported killing, 14% witnessed a death, and only 2% were injured in combat.

Statistics for female soldiers versus male soldiers were also compiled, noting that women had the same 18% rate of potentially developing PTSD from their combat experience; however, female soldiers wounded in combat were more likely to develop PTSD than male soldiers.

All soldiers have the potential to develop disabling conditions due to combat-related injuries or stress. PTSD is one of the most common types of disability that may qualify veterans for disability benefits through the VA.

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