Understanding the Link Between Genetics and Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Although Social Security disability benefits are a way to provide financial help when an individual becomes disabled, they are by no means easy to come by. This is why many times the help of a Social Security disability representative is necessary when applying for benefits or if you have been denied benefits.

The New York Times reports that new medical evidence shows an individual’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease is linked to whether their mothers have developed the degenerative neurological disease. This genetic evidence was found even in the brains of individuals who are currently healthy.

In a study done on 53 adults ages 60 years or older and in good mental health, it was found that those who had a family history (mother or father) of Alzheimer’s had significantly more brain atrophy 2 years later. Those whose mothers had the disease demonstrated an even greater deterioration.

While this study may point to genetic factors, the researchers also point out that it was based on the assumption that volunteers provided accurate information pertaining to their parents’ illnesses. At the same time, this provides hope of earlier detection in those individuals who may be at a greater risk. Researchers plan to continue these studies further.

When the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or any other severe condition prevents you from working and causes you to become permanently disabled, Social Security disability benefits may be available.

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