VA disability claims: a representative can ensure your records make it into your file and not in the shredder…

Posted on June 16, 2015 by Disability Help Group

Though our company has been helping our country’s veterans secure their disability benefits for years, we’re never short of being stunned by the malicious acts of some of the Department of Veterans Affairs employees.

While conducting my weekly search for news that might help our disabled readers and clients, I came across this ghastly headline, “Veterans’ Benefit Claims Records Wrongly Headed for VA Shredders.” Just when we thought we had been shocked by the VA for the last time, they hit us with this sneak attack. The sugar-coated article reveals how during a nationwide review of the VA’s 57 regional offices (RO) officials discovered that at least 41 of them were wrongly, and quite possibly knowingly, placing veterans’ benefits claims records into a bin to be destroyed without having been incorporated into their files first.

Our hearts go out to the hundreds of thousands of veterans whose rights have been violated and who have fallen victim to this wide-spread abuse by the VA and our government as a whole. This is a battle you should not be fighting. We as a people have really let you down and it is a utter disgrace.

Washington… I think, ehem, I know we have a problem…

When you choose LaVan & Neidenberg® to represent you in your VA disability claim, we guarantee that all of your records will be part of your file. That’s because as your representatives we know the difference one document can make. We will file all of your paperwork, collect your medical records, file any appeals and even follow up on your applications and documentation to make certain that your claim is getting the attention it deserves. We will work hard for you and protect your rights.