VA Aims to Improve the Process for Medical/Surgical Supply Purchases

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is negotiating an enhanced system for purchasing medical and surgical supplies. The Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor – Next Generation (MSPV-NG) is an upgraded version of the medical/surgical supply purchases system currently in place for VA clinics and hospitals across the nation.

Under the new program, the VA’s purchasing capacity will improve greatly while reducing waste and the risk of undersupplied facilities. The MSPV-NG standardizes the procurement processes to stabilize facility inventories and identify products that facilities can use across all fields of health care.

Medical and surgical equipment, as well as dental and select prosthetic and laboratory equipment, will now be available to all VA facilities at a nationally negotiated rate. With this new purchasing power, VA facilities will be better able to deal with crises while improving the quality of everyday care.

The MSPV-NG program will launch on December 1, 2016, at all VA medical facilities. After the launch, four vendors will be the sole providers for the entire VA network. By working together, these vendors will be able to coordinate deliveries and create more flexible distribution options. 

Make Sure You Are Utilizing VA Health Care to Treat Your Conditions

If you believe you suffer from a health condition caused by or related to your military service, it is important to have regular check-ups and treatment with your doctors.

By seeking treatment through the VA, the disability application will automatically consider your records when you file a request for veterans’ disability benefits.

However, this does not mean obtaining benefits is easy. For more information or for help obtaining VA disability benefits, contact the Disability Help Group at 800-800-2009 to schedule a free consultation with a disability advocate.