VA Losing Millions By Failing To Bill Insurers

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently examined the VA’s billing practices as they pertain to medical care provided by third-party insurance companies. The OIG found the VA does not bill those third-party insurers and is consequently losing more than $110 million every year.

The VA is failing to bill a shocking 46% of third party insurance companies for medical costs those companies are responsible for paying. According to the VA, they cannot possibly bill all the insurance companies.

The VA cites two main reasons for not being able to bill as they should. First, their billing system is inefficient and ineffective. Second, the VA does not possess a system in which they would be able to track the fees in the first place. The OIG’s report referred to the amount of money the VA could be bringing in as a “missed opportunity” and the VA’s practices are “ineffective and unreliable.”

In an environment of cut budgets, the VA should not be walking away from this much money. By doing so, taxpayers’ dollars are being used for veterans’ healthcare whereas they could be used for other types of veterans’ care. The VA plans on going forward with the OIG’s recommendations for changing their billing practices.

The VA is mandated by law to bill third-party health insurers for health care those insurers provide to veterans for treatment of problems not service-related. The OIG blames the VA’s non-billing as being a victim of the VA’s own enormous red tape.

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