VA Network Will Support Ipads By October

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Chief Information Officer Roger Baker recently announced the VA’s network would eventually support iPads. Securing the network and protecting private information, which includes information on veteran’s compensation while allowing access to iPad users, was probably the largest concern. Baker announced, however, the VA will have all necessary network controls in place, and will be ready to support iPads come October 1 if iPad therapy programs become more plausible.

The VA has been using a pilot program to test iPad use on the VA network.
Baker himself is among approximately 150 other VA employees that have been taking part in an iPad pilot access program, which has mainly taken place in the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center. VA clinicians have essentially led the charge in encouraging the VA to work toward allowing iPad access.

The VA does plan on imposing limits on who accesses the VA network and what they access the network with.
Even after the October 1 access date, employees still won’t be able to use their personal iPads on the VA network.

Furthermore, there’s no existing VA strategy or plan for purchasing iPads.
Each facility director will have individual discretion over their own budget and it’ll be up to them if they’ll purchase iPads for use at their facilities.

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