VA’s New Strategic Partnerships Will Bring More Resources to Veterans

Posted on November 16, 2016 by Disability Help Group

In celebration of Veterans Day last week, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced several new strategic partnerships. These partnerships include various entities, from non-profit organizations to healthcare providers that are pledging to assist veterans and their families in unique ways.

Some of these strategic partnerships include:

  • Downs Designs Dreams: Developing and donating special clothing designed for veterans with disabilities, e.g., jeans with no zippers or buttons.
  • Dream Foundation: Encouraging and honoring referrals of veterans who are experiencing life-limited illnesses and wish to fulfill a final dream.
  • The Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare: Creating a network of current students and alumnus who will focus on veterans healthcare needs.
  • Project Hero: Coordinating mental health and recreation therapy motorcycle rides through its “Ride 2 Recovery” research programs.

Other partnerships focus on providing care packages, special amenities, such as haircuts, on military holidays, or health and hygiene products to homeless veterans and pregnant women in the VA healthcare system.

These partnerships are just a small sample of the overall vision the VA has for its plans. The VA expects more partnerships to develop as it delves deeper into the full scope of needs that our veterans have after their service ends. Over the last 18 months, VA collaborations and partnerships have gathered over $300 million to support veterans.

The VA Has a Lot to Offer to Veterans — Find Out More

If you are a veteran whose injury or exposure to hazardous conditions while on active duty caused you to develop a disability, you might be entitled to veterans’ disability benefits.

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