Veterans Disability: Diagnosis of Concussions Rise

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Disability Help Group

New research from the Pentagon is showing an improvement in the early detection of concussions suffered by active duty troops in combat zones. The report shows that, in Spring 2011, an average of 16 concussions were diagnosed per day – the highest average in any single period over the last 10 years of combat.

Researchers are divided over what these numbers mean. On one side, the belief is that there are more improvised explosive devices being used in combat zones, leading to more combat-related injuries. Others believe that the improved detection methods are leading to more accurate diagnoses.

In either case, the early detection of a concussion is a great benefit to active troops who are at risk for suffering serious brain damage from an untreated concussion. When even minor brain injuries are left untreated they can cause serious or permanent brain damage over time.

Many troops that suffer concussions and are unable to obtain proper treatment, often develop disabling conditions later
on in life. This can lead to an increase in disabled veterans suffering from brain injuries, such as cognitive impairments and motor function disabilities. When a combat-related injury does not result in immediate disability, a soldier may face difficulty obtaining benefits later on as a veteran.

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