Veterans Disability: Effects of Shrapnel from Combat-Related Injury

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Disability Help Group

The presence of shrapnel in a veterans’ body is nothing new in the history of combat-related injuries, but doctors are now finding that these contaminates could be causing veterans to suffer from disabling conditions later on in life.

When a soldier is injured from a penetration injury, such as a bullet wound or shards of metal from an improvised explosive device, it can often leave them with fragments of foreign material lodged within their bodies. Using the latest technology, doctors, at the Joint Pathology Center, are evaluating tissue samples from injured soldiers to determine the types of material commonly found in the body after a combat injury.

In some cases, elements such as depleted uranium were found in tissue samples and could lead to neurological disabilities or cancer later on in life. Prolonged exposure to foreign materials in the body can result in many disabling medical conditions such as chronic pain, illnesses, and increased risks of cancer.

The results from the research are being used by other physicians at VA medical clinics to determine the most effective treatment protocol for veterans with foreign materials left in their body from an old combat injury.

A veteran who suffered a combat injury that resulted in foreign objects penetrating their body may develop a disabling condition related to this injury many years following their deployment. In cases such as these, a veteran must provide extensive evidence of their injury, military service, and medical condition to be approved for disability benefits.

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