Veterans With TBI Opting for Private Healthcare at a Cost

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) were dubbed the “signature wounds” of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars very early on into this country’s involvement. Although most veterans returning from deployment utilize Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare, not every veteran does.

Recent studies show more than 50% of veterans use private sector physicians, and nothing indicates those numbers will change.
Private physicians, then, must be able to adequately recognize and understand how to treat TBI symptoms. Different symptoms will require different treatments.

More than 150,000 soldiers have suffered TBIs since the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. The vast majority of those were considered mild, but that should not be downplayed. The bulk of those were caused by shock waves emanating from improvised explosive devices.

The VA’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation office would rather see returning veterans utilize the free healthcare from the VA they earned with their service rather than go to private doctors. Civilian physicians cannot compete with the expertise and assets of the VA’s National TBI program.

Every veteran seeking help from VA medical centers for TBIs received in Iraq and Afghanistan is given a TBI screening. From there, veterans are given TBI evaluations by teams consisting of various experts specializing in TBI treatment and rehabilitation. The sheer amount of resources the VA has at their disposal for treating TBIs indicates that they can provide the most thorough care for wounded vets.

The VA also has the ability to send the more demanding cases to polytrauma rehabilitation centers.

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