Combining Vitamin A with Chemotherapy May Better Treat Pancreatic Cancer

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Pancreatic cancer is one of the less survivable cancers. This is because by the time doctors diagnose a tumor, it has usually already spread to other organs and becomes harder to target with chemotherapy. However, researchers at the Queen Mary University of London may have found a way to improve the efficiency of chemotherapy.

Laboratory studies using mice and cell cultures found chemotherapy more easily kills pancreatic cancer cells when doctors give patients a high dose of vitamin A simultaneously. The vitamin A helps break down stromal cells, which are mostly normal tissue cells that surround the cancer cells and help them progress to other parts of the body.

Once the vitamin A breaks through the stromal cells, the gemcitabine chemotherapy drugs can get at the cancerous cells and halt the spread of cancer. According to results of the study, published in The Journal of Pathology, the chemotherapy was successful in shrinking the tumors and reducing, if not stopping completely, the spread of the cancer. Researchers are now testing their new treatment in a human clinical trial which is seeking participants in the U.K.

Doctors warn pancreatic cancer patients that consuming vitamin A supplements without a doctor’s monitoring is not advisable. This is because they have not proven these results in clinical human trials and do not know what effect the vitamin A supplements could have

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