Walgreens Take Care Clinics Now Treating More Chronic Disabling Conditions

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Disability Help Group

With millions of Americans suffering from chronic disabling conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, the need for more accessible care is growing every year. Emergency care clinics have gained popularity in many U.S. cities as a source of quick medical care for basic injuries and illnesses. Now one major chain is taking its care to a new level at many of its locations.

The Take Care Clinic chain located inside Walgreens stores has announced that it will be providing additional services targeted at chronic conditions. While these clinics should not replace the long-term care of a primary care physician, they are intended to supplement the care for those with chronic conditions.

With a better focus on the needs of patients with these chronic conditions, the clinics may help fill gaps between regular doctor visits when appointments with physicians are unavailable. The Walgreens Take Care Clinics will now also provide more resources for ongoing care and health, such as annual flu shots and cholesterol screenings.

Take Care Clinics will also be establishing local clinical affiliations to ensure that a broad spectrum of services is made available to patients with specific needs for disabling conditions. The goal is to improve access and care for all patients, and this may help connect disabled individuals with new resources for care they were unaware existed in their area.

Obtaining consistent treatment is a necessity for many disabling conditions such as diabetes. Individuals who suffer from chronic disabling conditions may qualify for Social Security disability benefits if their condition causes them to be unable to perform substantial gainful activity.

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