What if one day you became disabled?

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Disability Help Group

It’s hard to image that you or a loved one can one day become permanently disabled and unable to work and sustain your family. Most times, your only option is to apply for federal disability benefits. Your eligibility however, is dependent upon the medical evidence you submit with your application for benefits.

Sounds easy enough, but you may be surprised to learn that you will be asked to pay $1 (in Florida) per page copied of your medical records and doctors’ notes . If you are disabled, it is likely that you are receiving on-going medical treatment for your condition and possibly have been for years. Therefore, it is also likely that obtaining copies of your medical records may cost you hundreds of dollars.

But how can you afford to spend hundreds of dollars when you are not able to work and not yet receiving disability benefits?

This is the predicament many disabled individuals find themselves in everyday. Many disabled individual can’t even pay for necessities like electricity or are homeless!

It’s because of this that our company is fighting for a change in the Florida legislature. We are suggesting that the State of Florida include in Statute 395.3025 an exception that will allow disabled individuals who are applying for federal disability benefits or appealing an unfavorable decision, the right to obtain copies of their medical records at no charge

To make this happen, however, we need to stand united and present 50,000 signatures to the state. Will you help us make this change in the law and in the lives of the less fortunate?

We appreciate your consideration and support.


Disability Help Group