Where is Your GI Bill Housing Check? | Miami Veterans’ Disability

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Under the new and improved Post 9/11 GI Bill every eligible veteran should receive a housing allowance while they are attending school.  If you have been approved for this benefit and haven’t received your check be sure to talk with your local VA representative.  

According to Keith Wilson, the department’s education service director, September housing checks should have been issued before tomorrow, October 1st

The slow delivery of checks was caused by the flood of new applicants.  The revised GI Bill offers veterans a chance to go to school virtually free.  Tuition, book and housing are all paid for.

If you have questions about the new GI Bill please click here.  If you need help filing for or appealing your veterans’ disability claim please contact your Miami disability representative for your free consultation.  We are passionate about helping you win maximum compensation for your injuries.  You have fought bravely for your country; let us fight for you.