Factsheet: Women & Social Security Disability

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Disability Help Group

Women now make up almost half of the disabled worker population, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). This is because over the past 35 years, the number of women in the workforce has increased dramatically, and in turn, they have become insured for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI).

Facts about Women & SSDI

The SSA’s factsheet, Women Who Receive Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits, provides statistical information that many workers will find interesting. The figures are for 2010, the latest year for which the factsheet is available. Some of the highlights are listed below.

  • About 4.4 million women received SSDI as of end of year 2010.
  • Twenty-three percent of women on SSDI were in poverty.
  • For 58 percent of women on SSDI, their benefit check comprised 75 percent or more of their personal income.
  • Over 40 percent of the women on SSDI had a family income of 150 percent below the national poverty level.
  • About six percent of women SSDI recipients did not have health insurance in 2010. (SSDI beneficiaries could obtain government healthcare, i.e., Medicare, but only after a two-year waiting period.)
  • Almost a quarter of the women on SSDI also receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments.

You can read the factsheet in its entirety by visiting the SSA website.

In a separate document, Annual Statistical Supplement, 2013, the SSA notes that the average SSDI benefit for women is much lower than for men. Women receive an average of $993/month, while men receive $1,256.

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