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Social Security Disability FAQs

How do I apply for disability benefits?

Applying for disability benefits can be complex. You can apply: 1) in person by visiting your local Social Security office, 2) by phone by calling 1.800.772.1213, or 3) online by visiting www.ssa.gov. If you decide to apply online, contact Social Security by phone to ensure your application is in their system.

How many work credits do I need in order to qualify for disability insurance benefits?

This will usually heavily depends on your age. There are special rules for claimants under 30. From age 31 – 42, you’ll need at least 20 credits to qualify. Beyond that, the requirement increases. Once you are age 62 or older, the maximum of 40 work credits are required.

How severe does my injury/illness need to be in order to qualify?

Your medical condition must be established by a trained physician and cause “marked” and “severe” functional limitations. Most importantly, your impairment must meet or equal a Social Security “Listing” or prevent you from sustaining “substantial gainful activity”.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Generally it takes 3 to 6 months to receive a decision. If you are not satisfied with the SSA’s decision, you may appeal your decision. If you are denied at the initial application you can appeal your decision by filing a request for Reconsideration. If your Reconsideration is denied, you will need to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). It can take between 6 months and 2 years to have an ALJ assigned to your claim.

What do I do if my claim was denied?

Don’t give up – Reach out to a friendly staff member of The Disability Help Group to get started on your appeal and other next steps.

Veterans Disability FAQs

How do I apply for veterans disability benefits?

You will need to complete your application (VA Form 21-526) and can do so by visiting your local VA regional office or online at the VONAPP website. . You should submit your discharge papers, dependency records, and medical evidence if you have them available.

What are the requirements in order to receive veterans benefits?

You must have served in the military and either retired, completed your service, or been discharged. Those that have been dishonorably discharged do not meet the requirements. It must be proven that your injuries directly relate to your service.

What can I do if my VA claim is denied?

If you have been denied benefits ALWAYS file an APPEAL! You NEVER want to start a new application because you will put yourself back at square one. The closer you are to hearing in front of the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA), the better. This means you will have the opportunity to present an argument on why your claim should be approved.

What can I do if my rating is lower than expected?

Someone from our team can help you request a higher rating. The process is similar to filing an appeal for a denied claim, and we will guide you through every step.

Can a veteran’s survivor receive benefits?

Children under 18, spouses, and possibly even parents may be eligible for benefits with Dependency and Indemnity Compensation.

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