Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is one of the short term therapies that have been proven to be effective for the treatment of depression. Short-term psychotherapy usually involves up to 20 sessions.

Although depression may not be caused by interpersonal events, it usually has an interpersonal component, that is, it affects relationships and roles in those relationships. IPT was developed to address these interpersonal issues. The exact focus of the therapy targets interpersonal events (such as interpersonal disputes / conflicts, interpersonal role transitions, complicated grief that goes beyond the normal bereavement period) that seem to be most important in the onset and / or maintenance of the depression.

Since depression is a recurrent illness, it is recommended that successful short term treatment be combined with ongoing, maintenance therapy. Maintenance IPT (IPT-M) can be administered once per month following termination of the short term phase.