Filing Your Adult Social Security Disability Report with Form 3368

One of the first steps in filing for Social Security disability benefits is to fill out the various forms necessary to support your claim. The disability form 3368, known as the Adult Disability Report, is available online or can be filled out in person with the help of a Broward County disability associate.

Resources to Gather Before Filling out Social Security Disability Form 3368 

The purpose of Form 3368 is to collect all of the necessary information required to support a Social Security disability benefits claim. The Social Security Administration (SSA) estimates that the online form takes about 90 minutes to review, gather your evidence, and complete the questions. To cut down on the time it takes to finish this process, gather these resources before going to your Broward County disability advocate: 

  • personal information (name, address, Social Security number);
  • work history (pay stubs, letters from employers, tax returns);
  • personal information of spouse or dependents;
  • current income reports; and
  • medical documentation of your disabling condition and prognosis. 

What to Expect when Filling out the Adult Disability Report 

The goal of this form is to gather all of the evidence necessary to prove that you have a disabling condition that prevents you from performing substantial gainful activity. A good portion of the questions asked within the form will pertain to your personal records. You will need proof of citizenship, your Social Security information, and details of those living in your household. 

The other major part of questioning in Form 3368 is related to your medical history. To qualify as a disability, a condition must have lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 months or result in death. You will need medical records from when the condition was first diagnosed, as well as a doctor’s prognosis confirming the duration you are expected to suffer from the ailment. 

Making Sure Your Form 3368 is Filled Out Correctly 

A minor mistake on your Adult Disability Report could delay your claim unnecessarily or even worse, lead to an unfair denial. This may extend the time it takes to begin collecting Social Security disability benefits to which you are entitled. Even the online form does not eliminate the chance for errors, and you may lose your progress if the form is not filled out promptly. 

By working with a Broward County disability associate, you can have professional guidance for all of the questions you need answered. Rather than worry about errors, lost time, and gathering evidence on your own, a advocate can take over the process for you and help eliminate some of the risk of delays that can result in the need for appeals. 

Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits? Contact a Broward County Disability advocate 

When your Social Security disability benefits depend on the accuracy of the Adult Disability Report Form 3368, you want to give yourself every advantage possible. Working with a Broward County disability associate may help you avoid many of the errors and delays that might occur when you fill the form out on your own. 

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