Overview of the VA Disability Claim Backlog

Whether you served in Iraq or Afghanistan, you may find yourself dealing with the VA disability claim backlog. Or if, due to policy changes, you are a Vietnam Vet who has filed a claim related to Agent Orange exposure, you also may find yourself waiting. When you need help with your claim, whether it is the initial filing or appealing a denied claim, you may benefit from speaking to a Florida veterans disability associate

Understanding the VA Disability Claim Backlog

More than 850,000 veterans disability claims are pending. This means applicants are waiting to hear a decision on whether or not they will receive disability benefits. This backlog has resulted in some individuals waiting 6 months to a year, or even longer, for a decision.

When compared to one year ago, the number of claims has increased by 100,000 and compared to 3 years ago, as much as 500,000. This staggering increase is one of the main reasons for the backlog. It seems that just as quickly as claims are processed, more new ones come in. This can leave many vets with nothing else to do but wait.

There were approximately 2.2 million men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of that number, about 624,000 claims have been filed, with more expected. 

In addition, new regulations in 2010 have opened the door for 200,000 claims to be filed by Vietnam vets. These regulations allow for more to qualify for disability benefits due to Agent Orange exposure.

Efforts are being made to reduce the VA disability claim backlog. One of the main ways it can be accomplished is with the implementation of a paperless system, set to begin in the summer of 2012 and continuing into 2013. Another plan is to reform the disability rating system, which has been the same since it was established.

Meanwhile, vets are left to wonder what, if any, options are available. The claims process is further lengthened when the initial application for disability benefits is not done properly. You may reduce the chance of this happening by consulting a Florida veterans disability associate. 

Although no one can guarantee when a claim will be decided upon or what the decision will be, you may increase your chance of a favorable outcome when you have legal counsel. A associate knows the types of evidence that are necessary and can ensure your paperwork is filled out correctly.

Contacting a Florida Veterans Disability associate

Filing for veterans’ disability benefits is complicated and time-consuming, but at Disability Help Group, our team of disability representatives is ready for the challenge. We like to empower our clients by providing a FREE veterans’ disability guide so you can learn more about the process of filing for veterans’ disability benefits.

When you’re ready to get started, contact the Disability Help Group to begin your claim. Our state-of-the-art, customized intake and database system means less hassle, so you can focus on what’s most important to you instead of having to spend your days wading through confusing legalese and legal red tape. Call today — 1-(800)-800-3332.