Veterans’ Disability Compensation Claims Process

Initial Application

The Veteran files an initial application for Veterans’ Compensation with the VA regional office.

Notice of Decision

The Notice of Decision is the VA’s rating decision on your Veterans’ Compensation claim.

Notice of Disagreement (NOD)

The NOD appeals a rating decision and must be filed within 1 year of the notice of decision.   

Statement of the Case (SOC)

The SOC is issued by the regional office and is an expanded version of the rating decision.

Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA)

If you are not satisfied with the VA’s SOC you have to appeal the claim to the BVA. The BVA schedules a hearing where you testify in front of a BVA judge.

United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (US CAVC)

If you are not satisfied with the BVA decision you have 120 days to file a claim with the US CAVC. The US CAVC is a Federal Court with the Veteran Administration. 

Federal Appeals

If the Appeals Council denies your claim, you have 60 days of the Appeals Council denial date to file a claim with the Federal District Court.  Navigating the VA process is difficult; however, the Federal process is extremely complex.